Free Xbox Live Points | Get Microsoft Points For FREE !

Free Xbox Live Points

What are Microsoft Points?
Microsoft Points are the currency used by Microsoft primarily for the Xbox Live Marketplace and Windows Games Marketplace. Commonly, these points are used by gamers to buy Xbox Live memberships. These points come in a variety of denomination with the most common being 1600 Microsoft Points and 4000 Microsoft Points. Users use these Microsoft Points to get downloadable content, arcade games, and Xbox Live memberships.

Example of a free 1600 Microsoft Points code :
WM9RX – GG6J2 – 4WKD9 – FDJWM – TYH76

How do I get free Microsoft Points?
An easy way to get Microsoft Points for free is to use Points2Shop. By using Points2Shop you can get Microsoft Points codes directly emailed to you for free! This can be done very quickly and you do not need a credit card or any external source of money, it is 100% free. You can get 1600 Microsoft Points codes or 4000 Microsoft Points codes totally for free.

How does Points2Shop work?
Points2Shop is a site that hosts many surveys and advertisements. Sponsors and advertisers pay Points2Shop to host their ads and surveys. When a user completes these surveys, Points2Shop makes money. In return, Points2Shop gives a portion of that money back to the users. The offers and surveys are quick, easy, and free!

Follow these steps to earn Microsoft Points for free


1. Sign Up
  • After signing up, you will be sent a validation email which you must confirm. You must confirm your email to use Points2Shop. You will be given $2.50 just for confirming your email!
  • After validating your email. Go back to You will be prompted to fill out your contact information. Points2Shop is a legitimate company that will never sell your information. However if you feel uneasy, you can fill out your information at a later time after trying out Points2Shop for yourself.
2. Complete quick and easy surveys
  • After you have signed up, it is time to complete quick and easy surveys to earn money. Points2Shop pays you in form of “points.” Remember, 100 points is equal to $1. All you need to do is complete easy surveys until you have 2000 points, or $20, to get a 1600 Microsoft Points code.
  • To complete surveys or offers, click on “Earn Points,” which is located in the top left hand corner of the home page of Points2Shop. You will be given a large list of surveys and offers that you can complete to earn money.
3. Redeem your free Microsoft Points codes
  • Once you have earned 2000 points, it’s time to redeem your free Microsoft Points. Click on the “Spend Points” tab located at the top of Points2Shop and then click the “Email Gift Cards” option. Then click on the desired Microsoft Points code denomination (either 1600 Points or 4000 Points). The Microsoft Points code will then be emailed to you!
  • Use your free Microsoft Points to get new arcade games, game updates, and even Xbox Live 100% for free!